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All members of our staff are part of a committed team, who work closely with the doctor in order to provide the best possible healthcare service for you and your family.


Smoking Cessation Advice

If you would like to stop smoking, please ask your GP or nurse for advice. They may be able to prescribe something to help you and may refer you to a smoking cessation counsellor.

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Health Coaching

If you would like to have an in person, one to one discussion about your health, designed to help you achieve your health related goals with proven benefits, then book in with our health coach today.

Health Coaching is a new, free service tailored to your health needs with proven benefits

  • Want help losing weight?
  • Want to quit smoking or drinking?
  • Want help managing your long term conditions like Diabetes, Heart Disease or High Blood Pressure?
  • Want to improve your diet or get more active?
  • Want to improve your general wellbeing?
  • Need extra motivation or support?

Then make a face-to-face appointment today with our health coach to achieve your goals.

Call 020 8962 8700 for a booking. If you are already at the practice, speak to your GP or Reception for more information.
For additional services which may be available, go to the One You website