Our mission statement




Delivering the highest level of care to all patients

Our commitment to our patients

  • We will treat you as an individual and give you courtesy and respect at all times.
  • We will endeavour to fully explain any tests and treatments that we plan to arrange and ensure you are in agreement with them.
  • To explain proposed treatments and medication in the clearest way possible.
  • Understand and respect our patients’ cultural and religious beliefs and their right of privacy.
  • Give our patients access to their medical records if they request them in line with current guidance.
  • Ensure that our staffs maintain strict confidentiality at all times with your personal and medical information.
  • Endeavour to see patients on time and where there are delays to keep patients informed.
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere for patients whilst waiting to be seen.
  • Make sure all staff are easily identified.
  • That when we fall short of these standards, we will be open about our shortfalls, offer an apology and work to put things right for the future.